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6.8 Premium GTO R.I.B.-Line

One of the favourite in our fleet the 6.8m Premium R.I.B-LINE a real head turner. With its Class-B certification it is assured that even in rough weather this luxurious large RIB will still be comfortable to ride.

Even under harsh conditions, several people can find a safe place on board comfortably and with the abundant handles and fittings ensure maximum safe movement around the boat.

Plenty of space on board means plenty of space to relax. An elaborately padded laying surface on the bow for sunbathers and the aft table can be used as a cushion extension for a second laying surface for the seated group.

Port side Aft leads to a great area to cool down after sunbathing and swimmers can sit at the stern comfortably and use the optional shower and a long telescopic bathing ladder.

Normally equip with a Single Outboard. At the your request, a Twin option can be installed.

A great option for this 6.8m Premium R.I.B-LINE. is the foldable, polished V4A Stainless Steel Light bar or a reinforced version that is perfect for wake-boarding as it has a nice high pulling point.

Other popular available options are weather-resistant T-Tops, Plumbed toilets, integrated pantry with fridge, cooker and sink and many other.

So contact us today for your next 6.8m Premium R.I.B-LINE.

Technische Daten

Model:6.8 Premium GTO
Breite mit/ohne Luftü.A.(m)2,85/2,2
Basisgew.ab (kg)***950
Zuladungzzgl. (kg)1260
MotorleistungMax. (kW/PS)191/260
MotorgewichtMax. (kg)380
Vorbehaltlich Irrtum oder zwischenzeitl. Änderung!
* LY3 Rescueboat Zertifizierung optional (gegen Aufpreis)
** LY3 Offshore Rescueboat Zertifizierung optional (gegen Aufpreis)
*** Je nach Ausstattung
**** Zzgl. Badeplattformen